KSHARK140.6 Design

We Design Websites for
Small Business, Small Organizations, and Individuals

Our Vision

Why we are only in the Small Fish Business?

How many times have you wanted or needed a website built but didn't know where to start?  Overwhelmed by all those big Website Engineering Companies?  You know, those who spend a ton of effort, time, and energy on the BIG Company websites but aren't really interested in smaller jobs.  Why do we know this?  

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Our Main Prey

We are a website development company that provides website development services and creative design works directly to  small business, small organizations, and individuals.

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Our Tacklebox

We utilize the following through GoDaddy Business to develop and build websites.  We believe in one (and only one) central location for hosting and domain management.  

In the Tacklebox:

  • GoCentral Webiste Builder
  • Managed Wordpress
  • SSL Certification
  • Search Engine Visibility
  • Security and Backups

How to Reach Us

Email Direct: kshark1406@gmail.com

KSHARK140.6 Design

6514 W Pleasant Way, Rogers, Arkansas 72758, United States

(479) 619-6775